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Jakarta E-Commerce Night Marketing Trends 2018: “The Arts of Marketing Innovation”

As we entering 2018 with the E-Commerce industry bigger than ever before, and more consumers turn to online shopping, E-Commerce practitioners are hungry enough to find out top trends in the industry. With record numbers of shoppers now preferring to buy online, it is creating challenges and opportunities for the marketers to engage and delight the customers and how to differentiate and find their own brand uniqueness. The company must seize the opportunities of new technology, mobile & digital transformation and increased customer expectation to increase customer acquisition or maintain their retention.
In Jakarta E-Commerce Night that held on the last 25th January 2018, Tika Sylvia Utami,Head of Marketing Foodgasm, on behalf of The Committee of Jakarta E-Commerce Night said, “If we look at previous years, none of the top-level marketing innovation are especially new, a bit difficult to describe them as the new trends or innovations” said She added, “However, the innovation like c…

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