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E-Commerce is Sexy, But Not Easy

“With nearly a third of its 250 million population able to access the Internet,  7 in 10 of whom do so on their smartphones.” 
Ecommerce have the unique opportunity to focus on developing convenient platforms and support e-market growth. Similar to China’s online marketplace in the beginning, ecommerce industry in Indonesia has large pool of entrepreneurial sellers providing goods purchased based largely on social media recommendations.
In May 2016, the Association of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia (APJII) announced that Internet penetration in Indonesia has now reached 40% of the total population roughly 100 million internet users. Emarketer added that the number of smartphone users in Indonesia is estimated to rise from 55 million in 2015 to 92 million in 2019. -Indonesia-investment, sept 2016-
Also, with the most attractive emerging middle-classes in the world, Indonesia has a ready captive market for ecommerce industry. According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey, the…

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